City of Franklin Food Drive

City of Franklin Employee Food Drive 2018

Healthy Shelves collaborated with the City of Franklin Health Department and City of Franklin employees to conduct Healthy Shelves food drives in January of 2017 and 2018. All proceeds were donated to Feeding Franklin, a network of local food pantries.

The 2018 City of Franklin Employee Food Drive resulted in 963 pounds of food donated.  56.2% of the food was on the Healthy Shelves food list, which is a 6% increase from 2017.  Employees increased their donation of proteins and spices in particular.

Used with permission (2018).
Used with permission (2018).

Used with permission (2018).
Used with permission (2018).


City of Franklin Employee Food Drive 2017

Feeding Franklin: left to right, Cindy Tregellas, Salvation Army; Lynn Kaestner St Stephen’s; Dennis Amaturo St Martin of Tour; Darrell Becker, Franklin Public Schools; Second row: Lori Czajkowski, Franklin Health Department; Jean Gettler, House of Prayer; Deb Bergeson-Graham, Faith Presbyterian. Used with permission (2017).

In 2017, one-half ton of food was donated which was 250 more pounds than January of 2016.  Over half of the donated food items were on the Healthy Shelves foods checklist. Feeding Franklin members from St. James, St. Martin of Tours, Faith Presbyterian, Salvation Army and St. Stephen’s Family Life Center divided the food for their pantry shelves.

Deb Bergeson-Graham- Faith Presbyterian, Lynn Kaestner- St. Stephens (2017).
Dennis Amaturo- St. Martin of Tours. Used with permission (2017).
Lynn Kaestner- St. Stephens, Cindy Tregellas- Salvation Army. Used with permission (2017).






Foods collected. Used with permission (2017).






The Franklin Firefighters local 2760 also donated $200, which was divided among the 5 food pantries.














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MMU interns inventory

Mount Mary interns conduct an inventory of donated items. Used with permission (2017).