Food Drive Materials

Use our food drive shopping list along with these other printable resources to conduct a Healthy Shelves food drive. Our barrel wrap is perfect for large bins and barrels. The smaller posters can be used for donors to identify collection containers such as boxes and bins.

Example of Small Bin Wrap in Use.jpg

Example Poster on Box.jpg

Download Small Bin Wrap (PDF)

Example ofBarrel Wrap in Use 2.jpg

Download Barrel Wrap (PDF)

Healthy Shelves Poster

Download Healthy Shelves Poster (PDF)

Wisconsin Healthy Shelves is dedicated to employers, faith communities, schools, community leaders, and individuals who support local food pantries.  content is developed through a partnership of the Mount Mary University Dietetics Department, Waukesha County UW-Extension FoodWIse program, and the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.